Letra Fog Of War de Thy Disease

Letra de Fog Of War

Thy Disease

Fog Of War
Thy Disease
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Technological, dehumanized
War which seemed so distant and clean
Mother of all the battles, waits upon us
The splendid feat of arms. The gate to eternal glory
Mindless masses are watching
Lost in it's ignorance and self admiration
Brainwashed, educated not to question
Follow the cause in the name of the greater good
Beyond the screen of illusions
Massacre is unleashed,
Can you broadcast the pain?

I accuse your ignorance, I accuse your ignorance
Turning the blind eye is the greatest guilt

Confusion, uncertainty, reality
This is the fight for just peace
Our peace that favors liberty
The dead won't spoil your convenience
Can you broadcast the pain?
Pre-emptive strike, humanitarian war
Is the absurd you feed the world with
You're full of shit

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