Letra The Sweetest Drug de Highlord

Letra de The Sweetest Drug


The Sweetest Drug
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Waiting for the Moment
Of Blood to come
Pray God protect me
From the kind-hearted ones

Me and the Devil
I can't say we're good friends
We just don't bother each other
Until we meet again

So easy to let the dark thoughts inside your mind
So easy to turn on others the pain inside

When you know everything
You ought to know you're dead
I'll let my visions flow
Inside of your head

Never been young
Sure I'll never grow old
I'll suck the breath from your mouth
Until your lungs are cold

So easy to turn myself into your life's dark lord
Choking the screams inside me with your moans
I am a noble thought paying my visit to you at night
My smell the sweetest drug, you already want more
You can call me Incubus if you please
Because I am facing you from above

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